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Jerusalem’s Queen Book Review

Meet Jerusalem’s Queen

Jerusalem’s Queen, Salome Alexandra was born in a small village called Modein made famous by the warrior Maccabees, she knows better than to dream grand dreams for her future. She’s no match for her sister’s beauty, despite the fact that she learned to read at a young age, girls aren’t valued for their education. When her father and sister are killed a distant relative John Hyrcanus invites Salome and her mother to live with his family in Jerusalem where her thirst for knowledge is indulged. 

Salome is betrothed to a pagan prince by her guardian she questions HaShem’s (God’s) plan. When her guardian marries her to a boy half her age she questions his sanity. Through most of her life, she is a pawn ordered around by powerful men, she learns that a woman committed to HaShem can change the world.

What We Thought

This book was really amazing! It made me hunger and thirst for more of the story, but more importantly more of His word. I’d never heard of this strong godly woman before and I am a bible reader. She falls on the scene in the silent period between the old and new testament. She was in the Hasmonean family – that of the Maccabees.

I am drawn to her. She is strong in her faith and continues even when those around her that hold all the power don’t, she continues to seek out God and his will and word. Her faith and devotion to her God and her people truly changed the world around her.

I highly recommend this book!

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