Judah's Wife Book Review, Judah's Wife, Angela Hunt Book Review

Judah’s Wife Book Review

We love reading here at the Cottage and love the opportunity to review good books. We have been given Angela Hunt’s latest masterpiece “Judah’s Wife“, which is book 2 of 2 in the Silent Years series. The first one dropping us off in ancient Egypt in the lifetime of Cleopatra.

What is Judah’s Wife About?

In this book, our curtain draws open to the dusty streets of captive Israel held under the heavy hand of the Greek ruler Antiochus IV a descendant of one of the generals of Alexander the Great.  Young and old alike are swept up in the greek culture. Wanting to walk, talk, dress and live like those ruling their nation.

Judah's Wife Book Review, Angela Hunt Book Review, Silent Years Book Review, by Rosevine Cottage Girls

Egypt’s Sister” Book Review 

The righteous attempt to follow the way of God but the rulers continually make their attempt at living a life pleasing to God impossible leaving them with a life or death decision.

Enter Leah, Judah Maccabees, and his family.

Follow these characters as they make decisions that will touch the Israelite people for generations. Will they choose to serve God or go the way of what is popular in the culture of the day?

What We Thought Of Judah’s Wife

Don’t miss this book. The characters are rich and believable the story line is compelling. Follow Leah, Judah and his brothers along with the Nation of Israel in a period of time that not many even know about.

Judah's Wife By Angela Hunt


To purchase the first book in the silent years series click here.

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