Just A Winter Day At The Cottage

Snow drifting softly to the ground… silence. Did you know silence has a sound all its own? The wind whistles softly. It’s winter at the cottage and there is nothing like it.

 Our sweet dog Faith discovers the snow and, at first, is not quite sure what to do with it. She walks with her head to the ground taking mouthfuls of snow at a time. She loves the snow!

Then she just can’t get enough of the stuff.  She is acting like a little puppy bounding around.

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The cottage is settled on a large hill so it makes a great place for sledding. We grab our sleds and snowboards and head down and soon the entire neighborhood is out.

The barn across the street is covered in a beautiful blanket of snow as more falls all around. It looks like a Christmas card. I love Tennessee, its beautiful in every season.

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 A swing sways in the winter breeze waiting for children to come and play. Who wants to swing with me?

It’s not snowing as hard now which is good because it was settling into the collar of my jacket. The lake is so beautiful.  It almost makes me want to hold my breath.

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The dog is enjoying our walk and does not want to stop so we continue to walk along the lakeshore. What a blessing to live by the lake. Such beauty for us to enjoy.

We walk through the woods and take in more of the views of the lake.  I love the crunch, crunch, crunch under my boots

The snow has almost stopped now, so I am able to take clearer photos now. Everything is so pretty, untouched except for the tracks the birds left in the snow.

Our hill waiting for the sleds and the laughter ringing out.

Icy streets keep most people home today.

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