Keeping Rabbits – Things I Wish I Had Known Before Getting Rabbits

Midnight the 2nd, Jonah, Monarch, Patches, Snowball & Dragonfly 
Over the years we have had quite a few rabbits, and if I really tried I could probably name everyone. Don’t believe me? Well, let’s see there is Rabbs the 1st (I know very imaginative but hey we were little!), Rabbs the 2nd (ahem), Sugar, Caramel (We had a sweet tooth when we named them), Midnight, Smokey, Shadow, Thumper (like the bunny in Bambi), Monarch, Patches, Midnight the 2 (OK what can I say? Black rabbits just get named Midnight around here), Jonah (it had a wale or a big fish over its eye), Snowball (she was an Albino), Dragonfly (can you guess why she was named that?), Hazel and Bluie (OK for the record it’s fur was a bluish tint and I didn’t name it),  Told you there were a lot!
Jonah (See the whale/fish?)

Rabbits are ESCAPE ARTISTS!!!! Make sure your cage has plenty of ventilation but that they can’t get their heads or feet stuck especially if you have a small baby bunny or a mini rabbit (gee that sounds funny). They are also very fragile, so make sure if you are buying a bunny for the kiddos have an adult around just to ensure they don’t get smashed. Their backs are very easily broken, they can even break it themselves if they are flipping around. So be careful with them, they are adorable yes but treat with care.


Be careful not to feed them veggies or fruit, trust me it’s cute to watch them eat it but it will save you a lot of heartbreak and save their lives. They are very susceptible to diarrhea so stick with alfalfa pellets.

Rabbs the 2nd, Caramel & Sugar 
Water bottles with a special spout fastened to the outside of the cage. Make sure the rabbit has water at all times. They dehydrate very fast and get overheated easily. Especially on hot summer days.
Rabbits are active little things and yes if left to their own devices they can get into trouble. We always bought chew toys for ours so they could grind down their teeth while playing. They also liked a cardboard box (We cut a door out of it so they could go in and out).
Midnight, Patches, Shadow, Hazel
Rabbits can be litter box trained like a cat. Rabbits are super smart and are trained for this very easily. I had all five of our babies trained in just under a week.




Hazel & Brianna
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