Kitchen Remodel Week 17

Well hello again! Thank you for joining us on this 17th week of fun that we have called the D.I.Y. kitchen remodel. What have I learned on this kitchen rehab you ask?  What have I learned “installing cabinets” adventure?

That I’m a perfectionist, I’m a perfectionist until my shoulder and back are so out of whack that I can’t sleep and have a massive headache, until my nails are shredded and my fingers are smashed. I’m a perfectionist to the point that there we’ve screwed, removed and re-screwed so many times I can’t keep track of it.

I am a perfectionist- the slightest space drives me CRAZY. I will sit there and glare at it until finally very reluctantly Mr. Cottage climbs the ladder and adjusts it one more time to get it perfect.

I hate the way “cabinet” is spelled.

That taking cabinet doors off before you install is way easier (and lighter), so if you are someone that can’t follow the rules and has to try it like me- never mind if you’re like me you won’t listen anyway. Have fun!

I didn’t like 100 piece puzzles when the neighbors gave us one for Christmas -put sticky notes on the cabinet doors before you take them off, having to guess which one goes where after is not fun. Especially when you guess wrong twice before you get it right.

The dog like clockwork wants to go for a *looks both ways* walk at the most inopportune moments- like when you are under a cabinet.

Measure twice, cut once is a sentence to live by.

When in doubt don’t try to squeeze between cabinets, trust me your backside isn’t going to fit and unless you are a gymnast you aren’t getting back out of that position until the family comes to rescue you.

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