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Week 18 of the saga of our D.I.Y kitchen remodel job. Today, our third blind corner replacement arrived- the shrill ringing of the telephone intruding on a pre-caffeinated morning with a rather grumpy UPS delivery guy on the other end. He quickly informed us that we would have to come down and get the “package” because they don’t deliver things like that…

You don’t deliver packages? Oh, the irony. In the back of my head, I’m wondering when that happened. Seriously? You don’t deliver large packages? Our sink, which you delivered to the top of the driveway weighed more than the cabinet.

So…we scrambled to get dressed, seriously- why is it every time I come downstairs in my Pj’s I end up showing them off for the neighbors. The last time it was chasing neighborhood dogs away from my chicken coops, but that’s a story for another time.

Anyway, we piled in the mini-van for the short drive down the hill (he told us to back down the driveway. *Snort* Yeah, no I don’t think so. We drove like a normal person and pulled into the street so he could drop it (and drop it he did) in the back of the car. Of course, everyone decided that was the moment that they needed to use our little one lane street with massive drop-offs and no shoulders.

Don’t get me wrong, I love our street- it’s gorgeous, even when everything is brown and dead because of the drought. In fact, it’s my favorite part of our neighborhood, but people like to think they are the only ones on it and anyone else has to get out of the way. One time a friend was driving us home and her daughter seated in the front seat covered her eyes and screamed the whole way to the driveway- did I mention we were in a full-size van?

So after explaining to the elderly neighbor who saw our hazard lights and stopped to see if we were ok (he’s always been so sweet to us, we just found out him and his wife are selling their house and moving closer to their daughter. Going to miss them dearly), he got a good laugh from it. The best part of the whole thing was the UPS guy was an hour early- when does that ever happen?

Our dishwasher is supposed to arrive tomorrow, hopefully to the top of the driveway. In the meantime we’re going to carry in the corner and put it together so we can finally (fingers crossed) can get the sink put in because we had to turn the water off to the only bathroom sink with a faucet tall enough to wash dishes under due to the fun fact that it’s leaking. Doing dishes in the bathtub are so fun… like a tooth ache.

“I don’t care,” interspersed sporadically with Christmas carols throughout the day.
Over the last 18 weeks (Really thinking it’s been longer but for the sake of our sanity we’ll stick to that number) we’ve clung to our paleo diet like a rock climber to a cliff but this week we’ve had to let our paleo diet slide out the window. Between no sink, no stove for awhile, plumbing issues and late nights working in the kitchen we just haven’t been able to stick to no grains, dairy, sugar etc. Today we went to Kroger and bought as healthy as we could find frozen meals that we can make with little to no dishes.

Can you see it- the diet ship sinking, flares shooting into the sky as the lifeboat lowers into the water as the last notes of “nearer my God to thee sound”. Dear chiropractor- please no comments about our diet I don’t think I could be civil.

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