Kitchen Remodel Week 3

This week it’s all about cabinets… and waiting. If you happen to see someone wandering around the home improvement store pulling out their hair it’s probably us. Just wave and keep walking. Because we can, make cheese and an odd assortment of other things we wanted to make sure that our cabinets were sturdy and would last a long time; ideally wood, not particle board or melamine. Something that won’t peel like our other cabinets by the stove did. With all the boiling we’ve done over the years the paper stuff on the outside began to peel.
The last week was spent crisscrossing between cabinet makers, surplus stores, Lowes and Home Depot. On the bright side, we found this adorable little restaurant that serves Caribbean-style food called Pollo Tropical. It’s kind of our new addiction, ¼ of a chicken with rice and beans and a slice of guava cheesecake- ok, ok, back to cabinets.

As Mr. Cottage likes to tell us- we have expensive taste (Insert stunned face, moi?)

so of course when looking for cabinets we fell in love with white, bead board, and beautiful molding. Unfortunately, that is not in our price range, so we found some we liked at the surplus store called antique white and raw oak. We’re leaning toward the raw wood and then painting them ourselves. Which means we have some DIY in our future and will save us lots of money. To put in the Antique white it would be around $2400 where the raw would be $937.

Then there are countertops, we don’t want to go with marble because let’s face it with the amount of cooking we do we’d destroy it. We want something light in color, sturdy, beautiful and long-lasting.  We want a miracle.  Right now we are looking at either quartz or granite.
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