Kitchen Remodel Week 6

Well, here we are, back again.  I am sorry we have been so quiet but a cold has kind of swept through the cottage and we have all been under the weather. I am struggling to get over it and Mr. Cottage has it now too.
We finally got the tile person to get back to us and he came over a week later to replace the missing tiles that he ripped out because they were loose.  He put them in, grouted them and then said not to walk on them all the same day. When we did get in on the 3rd day this was what greeted us.
We are at the place where the designer is asking for appliance and sink measurements and we are needing to choose a layout for the kitchen. I really like the U- shaped kitchen layout.

I love the pretty range hood in this one but worry that I will miss the cabinets for storage so this throws me.

This is really our two options for the room. The L-shape and U-shape. We use the kitchen for a photography studio for the blog, for canning, for cooking, for entertaining, crafting and just living so it needs to have lots of space, countertops, and storage for our many sets of dishes.

This silver one is the one I think I may go with. It has the dishwasher to the right of the sink and a U-shaped kitchen that takes the refrigerator out of the corner and onto the other wall.  This would make opening the doors to the fridge so much easier than it was in the past. It would not open properly and getting to things was really not fun.  You could not even get the drawers out for proper cleaning without

moving the entire thing out and then away from the wall. This drives Mrs. Cottage crazy.

This one is a little better because it has the cabinet to the left of the range hood which is nice to be sure.  I am still not sure if we would miss the small cabinets over the stove or not, though.

We expected to actually get the cabinets this week and start the installation but the tile has set us back once again and now it is up to the tile guy to get back to us and get back over to fix them.

It is pretty discouraging.

The hardest part is honestly doing dishes. We are using a big bucket in the backyard and hauling hot soapy water out. It is not impossible, but just getting old. We miss our sink.

As far as cooking is concerned, we have been very creative with a hotplate, grill and a crockpot.

We have had to harvest the orchard’s pears but can’t can anything this year so we are going to list them for sale. It is sad to think that there will be no canning this year, but there is no telling when we will be back in our kitchen again at this point.

What do you think? Which is your favorite design and what do you think about the farmhouse sink? Yes? No? Leave your vote in the comments!

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