Kitchen Remodel Week 7



This week at the Cottage it’s shiplap, shiplap, and more shiplap! We’ve wanted to do this for a very long time and finally bit the bullet and did it (tutorial here), and we are so glad we did! Absolutely love how it turned out!


This is part of the wall that we finished, the opposite wall will have floor-to-ceiling cabinets so we didn’t bother with it.


Walked into the makeshift kitchen This morning to find the freezer leaking all over the wood floors, “AHHHH!”. Opened it up only to discover that everything is thawing. Thank you, Lord, we have another fridge-freezer combo and a chest freezer (unfortunately there are a few 50 lbs turkeys taking up most of the room).

We managed to get everything but a large ice chest moved into the other freezers and are borrowing freezer space from a neighbor. Mr. Cottage is going to have a nice surprise when he walks in the door from his Men’s Breakfast at church this morning.
We’re working on shiplap today, the plan is to finish this wall.  
Brianna and I decided to stay home from church this morning, Mr. & Mrs. Cottage were gone for fifteen minutes before we had to call them because the freezer was leaking all over the floor again. They got home and we were able to get the water up but by that time we were done it was too late to make it to church so we painted the pantry from Sweet Annie to Gravity while Mr. Cottage worked on moving the plug to the stove to the opposite wall. What do you think?


Our tile guy finally texted and said someone would be out this coming up week to fix the tile! Praying that he actually shows up and that it all gets resolved and we have cabinets by next week (although we were told that it will take over six weeks to get the counters in after we order them)!



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