Lemon Farmhouse Living Room

Summer is at its peak here at Rosevine Cottage so we wanted to bring all of those cheery summer colors into our farmhouse living room. This year we are using lemon décor to accomplish the look we want. The fun thing about farmhouse décor is we can pull in natural things like lemons and greenery to create a beautiful fresh look.

We’re a little obsessed with lemon décor since seeing what Liz Marie did with some on her blog… So when we were in town buying more fish for my pond AHEM I mean brainstorming an awesome gift for Mr. Cottage’s Anniversary we drove by Kirkland’s. Driving extra, extra slow to window shop from the air conditioning blasting car- let’s be really It’s hot here, really hot. As in whoever made the sun mad needs to go apologize right now. And my ability to injure myself because my sunglasses have fogged over knows no bounds.

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beautiful summer farmhouse style living room

How To Decorate With Lemons?

Look for simple ways to add lemons into your decor for that fresh summer look.  Look at Hobby Lobby, yard sales and even Dollar Tree had some lemon pieces this year. I picture over your mantle, little dish towels in the kitchen all add that spark of interest.

beautiful summer farmhouse style living room


We were driving by and noticed these gorgeous lemon garlands just beneath a sign that read SALE 50 % off. Well, that just sealed the deal, we parked and while Brianna and I wandered into the pet store without the supervision of someone with willpower mom went in for the garland.

It’s a bit like turning a kid loose in a candy store. I went for the fish aisle and waited for one of the two guys gossiping while one scrapped something off the outside of the tank to notice me and the giant ombre shades of pink beach bag that I use as a purse and come to help a pet-owner-seeking-another-pet. It took a bit but eventually, they saw me and came to my assistance, I’m pretty sure the guy groaned as the words “I want white and gold ones” came out of my mouth and he had to fish out (see what I did there) the colors I wanted from the very, very full tank.

beautiful summer farmhouse style living room

The garland she found would be perfect to add that splash of summer color.

beautiful summer farmhouse style living room

We managed to get out of the store with only 6 fish, we came close on a Teddy Bear Hamster but no I mustered willpower somehow. We were supposed to meet mom in front of the store, but she wasn’t there. So into Kirkland’s, we went Brianna, 6 white and goldfish, and one large beach. Trying to act normally and not burst out laughing at the rather suspicious sloshing noises imitating from my purse.

After a quick search, we found mom wasn’t in the store after all so we scurried back over to the pet store. Brianna went in to track down mom while I stood on the sidewalk in case Brianna missed her. The cashier on his break outside asked started chuckling and asked if we had forgotten something. After a quick explanation, using as few words as I could to explain that we aren’t crazy light dawn in his eyes, and an “OH! I think I saw her, she’s got something with lemons???” comes out. Yep, it was mom, somehow we had passed each other.

beautiful summer farmhouse style living room
beautiful summer farmhouse style living room
beautiful summer farmhouse style living room
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Summer Lemon Mantel Décor

On our mantel we placed the two strands of lemon garland, one was slightly short but together they worked perfectly. It’s so fresh and full looking. In the center of our mantel, we placed a beautiful piece of pallet art we created.

Mr. Cottage brought home two small pallets, we tore them apart and reassembled them to form a canvas. Over the planks, we put a light coat of white chalk paint, then painted some lemons on top with acrylic paint.

beautiful summer farmhouse style living room

Large bolster pillows give a wonderfully comfortable feel to the couches inviting you to snuggle up and stay awhile. 

beautiful summer farmhouse style living room

The use of green plants gives a summery look to the room and also helps to keep your indoor air cleaner.

According to Nasa and Live Science plants like the snake plant ( mother-in-law’s tongue), Boston ferns, aloe vera, flamingo lily, lady palm, bamboo palms, English Ivy, and golden pothos can help clean your indoor air. Nasa’s study in 1989 recommended 16-18 6″ potted plants in an 1800 square foot house to keep your air fresh and clean. 

According to Trinjal the aloe very plant is the best plant to remove toxins from the air and it provides oxygen day and night.

beautiful summer farmhouse style living room

We always like to have a throw blanket available when someone gets chilly and just needs that extra layer to feel cozy even in the summer.

beautiful summer farmhouse style living room

Summer Farmhouse Living Room

We switched our Ikea couch covers to a crisp white and added fluffy white pillows to give it a cozier feel. They add that touch of comfort to this space.

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beautiful summer farmhouse style living room

How Do I Decorate With Fake Lemons?

On the coffee table, we used a see-through glass vase filled with moss you can pick up at Hobby Lobby, Michaels, or Dollar Tree and fake or even fresh lemons to draw the colors from the fireplace into the rest of the room. We paired the lemon vase with some white dishes, silver candlesticks, and a soft cream blanket.

beautiful summer farmhouse style living room

Using Antiques In A Farmhouse Living Room

Against this wall, we stacked some beautiful antique chests beneath the panoramic military prints on the wall. On top of the chests, we added some of our vintage camera collection. It’s the perfect place to showcase their beautiful shapes and sizes.

beautiful summer farmhouse style living room

These sheer curtains allow your summer living room to show off all of that beautiful natural light. Your house plants will love it.

beautiful summer farmhouse style living room

For a party or event, you could even put real lemon slices in your jar and then fill the center with a yellow floral bouquet of roses or lilies to show off the yellow slices of lemons. Another idea is to use lemon and lime slices in stripes up the glass vase.

beautiful summer farmhouse style living room

Creating  A Welcoming Summer Farmhouse Living Room

Over by the door, we switched out the chalkboard for the salvaged one we made that has a crisp white frame. On the little table, we added some adorable drink dispensers for a little splash of color and texture to mirror the items on our TV console.

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beautiful summer farmhouse style living room

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