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Learning the need of pruning this year.


This winter we had two really bad winter storms. The worst I’ve ever seen in all 15 years of living here. We were iced in for an entire week with both storms. Branches that held strong against countless tornadic storms snapped with the weight of the ice.

A beautiful outdoor scene with trees and a path covered in ice and snow. Article about how God prunes the damaged places in us like we do a garden to make the plants bear good fruit.

Pruning The Dead And Damaged Places

So this spring we had a lot of dead and damaged branches to cut out of our rose bushes, our azaleas, our hydrangea, and our big hard wood trees as well.
Heavy ice like beautiful crystals on branches after an ice storm When God Begins Pruning Us

Pruning For New Growth


The ice looked beautiful while it was here but what you didn’t see was the damage it had done to the plants and trees.  The tips of the rose bushes and the other shrubs looked the same at first but then the damage became apparent.  Soon the branches died and the plant was sending all of its energy to those dead places trying to revive it.  If we would have left the dead parts on the hydrangea for example it would have had just brown sticks dry and lifeless and maybe a couple of leaves at the bottom of the plant but no flowers would grow. We had to get in there and prune out what was dead and unable to produce life.  Only then did the leaves start to grow and flowers start to form.


hydrangea flowers - pruning


For the same reasons, God prunes us. Not out of anger or malice but love.

Look at John chapter 15:1-8

Read it and then ask yourself, how do I know that I am being pruned?

God prunes the damaged places on us so there is room for the new growth- and so we don’t go through life dragging it with us. Sure it may hurt- but for our health and well-being they have to be removed.

It is all a part of the growing up process in our faith. Our growing spiritually stronger.  We allow God to remove the dead places, the tough of us so that we by his pruning may have growth and life and bear  fruit.
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