Lessons From The Farm | Need To Fertilize

When we first moved here my grandma spent hours planting and caring for her roses. I can still see her in my mind, lovingly pruning, fertilizing, weeding and watering. She was so careful with them and they rewarded her with stunning blooms.

When she broke her back in a car accident and then began to have a series of mini strokes, she was no longer able to care for them as she did – weeds grew in, fertilizer remained un-spread, and the beautiful blooms did not appear like when she tended them.

Isn’t the same thing true in our lives? For one reason or another, we don’t read our bibles or go to church and we don’t bloom because we haven’t been watered properly and fertilized. How can we expect to grow, and point others to Christ if we aren’t being nurtured?

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