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Over the years, we have struggled with keeping crabgrass and wild blackberries out of our flower beds and garden (we try not to use poison on them because of the animals). These two plants grow like a wildfire, turning the best-started gardens into a weedy mess after a good rain.

Let it go for one day and they have popped their nasty little heads above the soil and through the shade cloth and mulch (sorry Elsa but letting it go won’t help this time). It’s annoying on the best days heartbreaking on the worst, and pretty much impossible to get rid of.  Try to pull it out and you quickly find it’s easier said than done. If you aren’t careful to get the root out too, its back poking through the mulch again with a vengeance after only a few days. Grab a handful of wild blackberries and the thorns will tear your hands up (trust me it hurts) and leave you picking thorns out of your skin.


The blackberries and crabgrass remind me of the sin in our lives, left unchecked it will ruin our lives. We have to make an effort to weed it out to weed it out the sin in our lives. It’s not easy- just like pulling blackberries out of the garden it’s going to hurt. As you weed out the “crabgrass” and “blackberries” in our lives it’s going to be uncomfortable, it’s going to hurt. It’s going to take work every single day. But when it’s out you can again enjoy the beauty of the garden.

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