Life Boat Coffee Co. Review

Last week we got a sample container of Port Eugene Coffee Blend from Lifeboat Coffee Co. 

Lifeboat Coffee is a company based in Arizona, all of their products are USDA organic, fair trade certified, rain forest alliance certified, they also send cash back pro-life rewards to almost 100 pro-life groups across 49 states, along with Canada, England, Malaysia, and Australia.

We LOVE the smell of coffee! Seriously, if I couldn’t smell it before I got to taste it I think I may have to use tape to hold my eyelids open. I was so excited when I opened the package up and the kitchen filled with the heavenly smell of coffee. This coffee is so, so, so good! I think it may be one of best blends I have ever tried. I like my coffee sweet and I actually used less sweetener with this brand. Even Mrs. Cottage, who doesn’t really like the taste of coffee (extra cream please!) liked it.

We also love that this company supports the same values as we do. Check out their website and order today- and drink to life!

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