Lions And Tigers And Skunks, Oh My!

Here are some of the photos from our  trip to the zoo! We go every year for their military appreciation day, it’s our family tradition.

We got there just after they opened, so all the kangaroos were still hopping around. Aren’t they cute?
The joeys were bigger so we could really get a good look at them. This was the first time we have seen them so active. Mrs. Cottage looked down and there was a little one right beside her.

This big guy’s job was to keep the fence row cleaned up.  He (she?) was walking the fence eating the vines growing up it. You can see he takes his job very seriously.

Playing follow the leader?

This is one big bird! The male was calling to the female.  It is such a strange sound I would have never thought would be from a bird.

Man, I wish I could have gotten this one without the chain-link fence in the picture.

Isn’t this bird amazing?

I have to say these clouded leopards are one of my favorite animals at the zoo. They are so beautiful.

Swimming through the light…

Waking up from a nap. I think it needs a cup of coffee.

Something back there had his attention.  I bet whatever it is- is very glad there is a fence.

Porcupine, I’ve never seen these guys this close before. They are usually in the back of their habitat when we are at the zoo. They kind of have cute faces, don’t you think? Sort of piggish?

I always think flamingos look snobbish. Haha.

The meercats are my favorite to shoot! They are so funny to watch. This little guy was no exception!

I’m not really sure why but this guy cracks me up! Look at that face!

Would not want to meet one of these in the wild, but she is so cute! No wonder they always come out so cute in cartoons. Can’t remember her name, but I think Lucy fits.

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