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Loco Moco

Loco Moco is a delicious meal that is packed with flavor. It can be eaten at breakfast or at really any meal. It is very filling and really is something special. I think it looks beautiful plated and would be great for company but don’t get me wrong, this is good anytime.  I’m not here to argue the history of loco moco as many claimed to have created the first dish of this deliciousness. It originated in Hawaii there on the big island in Hilo and is a beloved tradition. If you want to lighten the dish up a bit you can use cauliflower rice instead of regular rice.


Ground Pork, beef, turkey, etc We used about 1/3 pound for all 4 patties.  We made them small.  The next time we made the patties the size of your fried egg.  It is up to you.  This is very filling.

1/3 Jar of mushrooms
4 Fried Eggs
Mushroom Gravy



Fried Eggs –
Traditionally Loco Moco is made with over easy eggs. We didn’t want over easy so we did it our way. Crack eggs in a warm oiled pan and cook on low.  Season first side to your liking.  We use a sea salt blend with peppers, onion and garlic.  When the egg feels like it is solid flip and season side 2.
Cook until done to your liking.


Meat Patties –

Make your choice of meat into patties.  You can use ground turkey, pork, grass fed beef, buffalo, etc. If you have a very lean meat you may want to add some healthy oil to your pan as it warms.
Place your patties into your hot skillet.  Season with Himalayan salt and pepper, garlic and onion powder.  Flip and season again.

Gravy –
Gravy is really simple.  You need 2 Tbsp of fat of some kind- we use grass fed butter, 2 Tbs of flour or corn starch to thicken it and a cup of broth of some kind.  We did this…

Take about 2 Tablespoons of grass fed butter or pan drippings from the pan.  If there is a little more it is ok, but if there is a lot of fat then pour off into a mason jar through a coffee filter and you can reserve. With heat on low, add to this about 2 Tablespoons of Organic Flour (or whatever you have).  Whisk until all oil is incorporated. Slightly raise the temp and add 1 cup of bone broth (or whatever broth you have) and stir until thickened add mushrooms (drained if they are the canned variety).  We used about a third of a jar.


3 cups of bone broth or spring water
Garlic powder, Onion Powder, Himalayan Salt and pepper to taste.
Boil water or broth and add 1 cup of rice
Cook 15 min for white rice or 45 for brown fluff.

To Assemble-

Take a scoop of rice and put on your plate or bowl.
Put on that a meat patty.
Put gravy on your patty.
On top of that put your fried egg – however you like it.

Makes enough for 4 adults with leftover rice.


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