Long Hunter State Park

Welcome to Long Hunter State Park, one of the many beautiful parks in Tennessee. It offers hiking, fishing, boat ramps, camping and many more attractions on 2,600 acres. It became a park in 1974.
It is open from 7 AM to sunset year round and there are no fees to use the park.

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The park is divided into four parts, Couchville, Baker’s Grove, Bryant Grove and Sellar’s Farm. Sellar’s Farm is a state archaeological area, its a family friendly place great for history lovers.
Whether you live in this state or you love to travel and want to learn more about the state you should check it out. Sellar’s Farm boasts one of the few Indian mounds in the state.

Isn’t it beautiful? There are 30 miles of shoreline at Longhunter along the Percy Priest Lake.
The park also has a two mile loop of trails around Couchville Lake.

There is a 4 mile mountain bike trail also available for use to hikers as well. Just watch for the bikers as you hike.

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Many water fowl can be seen along the shores and white tailed deer can be seen regularly.
There are spots for picnicing, camping, backpacking, fishing, boating, nature photography, hiking, and places to enjoy a good swim.

There are two trails for biking a two and four mile loop.

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