Making Fromage Blanc Cheese

1-gallon milk.
1/8 teaspoon mesophilic culture.
4 drops liquid rennet dissolved in ¼ cup cool water

Heat milk to 75°F. Remove milk from heat and allow the mesophilic culture to dissolve on the surface of the milk for approximately 2-3 minutes. Once dissolved, thoroughly incorporate the starter culture into the milk.

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Add rennet mixture to milk, using up and down motions, but don’t stir and don’t over-mix.

Cover the pot and allow to set for 14-16 hours at approximately 72°F. After 14-16 hours, the cheese should look like yogurt. You may see some whey separating from the cheese, but that’s ok.

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Place a thin pillow slip in a colander and put both in a bowl. Gently spoon cheese into the pillow slip. Tie a loose knot in the top and hang by a rubber band (we always hang it off a cabinet nob) over the bowl to allow the whey to drain. Hang it for 6-12 hours (if you hang it for 6 it will have more the consistency of a cheese spread or dip. Hanging it for 12 will make it more like cream cheese).

You can either leave it plain or mix with fresh or dried herbs. Or if you are in the mood for something different mix it with a little pumpkin and honey or sugar! We molded ours into logs and wrapped them with cling wrap.

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