Mile Long Yard Sale

Mile Long Yard Sale

The challenge of finding once in a lifetime offers and treasures. Not much can beat the feeling of coming home the trunk of your car filled with treasures (that you couldn’t live without) to bring home from a yard sale. We love going yard sale hunting as a family and the Mile Long Yard Sale up in Watertown, Tennessee is part of that adventure!


Old Suit Cases at the mile long yard sale in Water-town 

A Day At The Mile Long Yard Sale

This is our family tradition, I mean since we were around two years old our parents would pack us up in the van and head to yard sale.  I remember the year dad bought a wagon and put it together and it kept falling apart the ENTIRE time we were there.  We got to where we were afraid to sit on it because the tires kept falling off.  LOL!  Finally, one of the people having a yard sale had mercy and tried to rig the wagon as best that he could with a paper clip on the tire so we wouldn’t die or lose any of our goodies.  🙂

Finding Books At The Yards Sale

We would mostly go to look for great old books.  That was our favorite find and boy did we find them.  Every time my dad would spot a box of books our caravan would screech to a halt (hopefully tires still on) and we would rush breathlessly to that box of treasure.  We would hover around it and peer over the box and watch our dad mine for the precious jewel of a really great story.  When he would hand us that wonderful treat we would clutch it to our chest so it would not get away from us.  Such great memories…

Mile Long Yard Sale, Watertown Mile Long Yard Sale, Watertown, TN, Yard Sales in the USA, Tennessee Yard Sales, by Rosevine Cottage Girls
Treasures at the mile long yard sale 

Welcome To Watertown Home Of The Mile Long Yardsale

Welcome to Watertown, TN, and the mile long yard sale (at least that is what it is called) in truth it is about 14 miles when you count all of the yard sales all along the route to get to this small town .

Watertown is a great little town in middle Tennessee that hosts many events during the year.  You can take a train from Nashville, TN for any number of town events including this yard sale.  They have excursion trains that feature Train Robberies and Murder Mysteries several times a year, Easter trips that have the old bunny himself, Santa trains, Valentine events, The 4th of July event with the town parade and fireworks.

Mile Long Yard Sale, Watertown Mile Long Yard Sale, Watertown, TN, Yard Sales in the USA, Tennessee Yard Sales, by Rosevine Cottage Girls
Some of the buildings in Water-town 
The town boasts Jim’s Antique shop, an ice cream parlor, a laundry, restaurants and  several other shops and businesses.
The town has been used in several Movies and Music Videos

Videos Filmed In Watertown

Our parents were actually asked if we could be in this one when we were there for the Music Festival this year.  🙂
Red High Heels by Kellie Pickler

Movies Filmed In Watertown

American Pickers was at the White Elephant Emporium
Pure Country II
Charlies War
Dark Harvest III
Mile Long Yard Sale, Watertown Mile Long Yard Sale, Watertown, TN, Yard Sales in the USA, Tennessee Yard Sales, by Rosevine Cottage Girls
Churches in Water-town


The History Of Watertown, TN

This is a town with many historic churches and other buildings.  It was first a fort in the 1700’s where people could go on the Holstein trail for protection.  Later the when the man running the fort left the land was part of the land grant system for Revolutionary War Veterans.  It this area was obtained by brothers that served the country.

Later a man by the name of Waters purchased a farm here and where that farm once was is now the town of Watertown.  It appears a tight-knit community of families and hipster artists.

Watertown’s Mile Long Yard Sale

For these yard sales, the entire mile-long strip leading to town square becomes a market place where every yard boasts goods for the masses.
This at one time was the main act but as the years go by the main road leading from the highway is also heavily peppered with yard sales.  It takes forever to get down that road but it is fun.
When you get to the actual town of Watertown proper, you just park and walk and pray you have good walking shoes and good eyes to see the not so good sidewalk system in the town.

What You Will Find At The Mile Long Yard Sale

You will see some Avon, and cast iron pots side by side.  Don’t forget Aunt Bertha’s wig and Uncle Bill’s old tool set.  There is a Victorian sitting room set and an old vacuum cleaner sitting out on the lawn with some of Pawpaw’s home canned spicy stuff that no doubt Maw Maw is selling because Pawpaw is nowhere in sight as we pass.  There are vendors getting in on the business with fried pickles, fried Oreos, and hot dogs as well.  It is a sight!  We had a good time, as usual, and found some fun stuff,  We ran into friends from the Nested Willow Boutique that were searching for treasures.  We got some hugs and chatted before we went our separate ways.  By the end of the day, we were sunburned, hungry and exhausted.  Here is a little picture of what we came home with.  Lots of frames for my photography, some props for taking pictures and other goodies.
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