photo cpllage of a mantle decorated with a chalkboard, apples, a metal with the word blessed and another with harvest. text say minimalist farmhouse apple mantle.

Minimalist Fall Apple Mantel

One of the blessings of living in the country and having an orchard means there is lots of inspiration when fall comes around with its dazzling array of colors. This also means we have a wide selection of natural decor options- before it gets canned anyway. This brings us to our apple mantel.
Photo of a collage of pictures of a mantle with Cottage sign, Harvest sign, blessings sign, red mailbox and bar with apples and candles | Minimalist Farmhouse Apple Mantel |
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When Should I Start Decorating For Fall?

You can really start decorating whenever you want to. September is the beginning of fall season so traditionally September or October is the time when people begin to pull out the fall decorations for their home.

Where Do I Decorate For Fall?

We love to start with our porch adding fall leaves and signs to the first place that company sees. Then, we move inside adding welcoming fall touches to the foyer, main bathroom, the living room, and the dining room.


Mantle decorated in the farmhouse style with chalkboard, cottage sign, red and yellow apples, barn platter, red mailbox, blessings sign and harvest sign | Minimalist Farmhouse Apple Mantel |

What Are The Colors Of Fall?

The colors of fall are traditionally rich tones of orange, deep browns, bright reds, dark burgundy, and golds.  The beautiful colors you would see on a walk in the country on the trees and shrubs around you.

Do You Have To Use The Standard Fall Colors To Decorate?

No, use what you love and what you like. This is the second time I’ve redecorated our mantel this season- which may be a record even for us, our last look we went with really neutral colors like early fall when the pumpkins are just starting to ripen. You can check it out HERE. For this look, we went with some gorgeous warm reds, yellows, and browns that remind us of a county fall. 
Chalkboard on a mantel, red barn platter, silver coffee server with branches, apples on mantelMinimalist Farmhouse Apple Mantel

How Can I Decorate For Fall On A Budget?

A great way to save money is to use things that you already have.  If you are lacking in natural items then look at yard sales, estate sales, thrift stores, etc during the year for pieces that you can put together to get the look you are hoping for.   Hobby Lobby has their fall decor normally 40% off in the summer already and if what you want isn’t on sale go online and download their 40% off regular priced items, the Dollar Store has items that may be what you are looking for.

How We Achieved This Farmhouse Apple Mantel

When getting started with our apple mantel we looked at our mantle to see what we had to work with. We want to look at the space not just from side to side but from top to bottom. You want to make good use of the space that you have as blank space and give the eye a place to land as it travels over the space.
Cottage sign on white wall over a mantle decorated with apples, red barn platter, red vintage mailbox and silver coffee server with willow branches Minimalist Farmhouse Apple Mantel |
In the center, we used a large framed chalkboard. It gives a pop against the white and it really draws your eye initially.  If you didn’t want the sign you could write a message on the chalkboard.
On one side of the mantel, we placed an adorable red/burgundy barn serving tray, and on the other, we used this awesome metal mailbox we snagged from Decor Steals to balance it out and give the mantel some weight since there is so much white. The red really gives it a great pop of color.
We wanted to add some height to the space to help draw the eye up as well, so we used this beautiful tarnished silver coffee pot filled with willow branches from one of our trees. To mirror it on the other end, I used an old flip-top cider bottle we got out at the colonial fair. It is important to have balance (the height on both sides).
Photo of a mantel with red and yellow apples, harvest metal sign, blessings metal sign. White sign with the word Cottage and black chalkboard | |Minimalist Farmhouse Apple Mantel
We kept the galvanized banners from our last mantel look along with the chalkboard and cottage sign but added a row of tarnished silver candle holders with white candlesticks in front of it. I love how it draws in those warm brown colors we see so often in the orchard.
In front of the candlesticks we placed a row of alternating red and yellow apples, these ones are fresh but this look could very easily be done with faux. It really gives the mantel that gorgeous fall glow.
It is too warm here for a fire in the fireplace so we put an old antique trunk in front of the fireplace with a beautiful wire basket full of apples in it. 
Minimalist Farmhouse Apple Mantel | photo of mantel decorated for fall with black chalkboard, willow branches, red and yellow apples, a red barn and red antique mailbox
As always thank you so much for visiting the blog to see what we’ve been up to! We hope this inspired you to get creative with your own mantel and as always have fun. 

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Minimalist Farmhouse Apple Mantel | Photo of a red barn platter, a silver coffee server with bare willow branches, a chalkboard and red and yellow apples.

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