Mr Cottage’s Nature Tree

This is Mr. Cottage’s tree. Every year you can be sure to find something new handmade or store bought on this giant tree. This tree always stand in the entry way to greet anyone who enters.

The Bethlehem Star that sits atop this tree is made of twigs and nuts.
Bear ornament
Cross ornament
Bear ornament
Owl ornament
An old fisherman lives here with the catch of his life!
Bird and nest
Boating anyone? This was a gift we made for our dad for his first father’s day.  He kept it on his wall but it is hung on the Christmas Tree every year too.  It reminds us all that we need to be a fisher of men.
Home made ornament that we made for the tree one year.
This is the back of another homemade ornament that my dear friends and I did and then all signed.  They now live in Freetown Africa serving as full time missionaries.
Gold Bird
I think this was actually on a gift basket some one gave us.
Who can have a nature tree in the Rosevine Cottage without a chicken?


Moose ornament

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