Photo of the book cover of Juliana Deering's book "Murder on the Moor" . This is a book review of a murder mystery by the The photo is of a man in a brown suit and red tie. He is wearing a newsboy cap and has a leather bag slung across his chest. The article recommends the book to readers.

Murder On The Moor Book Review

We have had the great pleasure of receiving Murder on the Moor by Julianna Deering, this is the first book by this author that we have read but it was a great introduction. I love the classic mystery feel to this book, it reminded me of the long nights I would stay up reading Nancy Drew and Sherlock Holmes and many other wonderful mysteries.

Photo shows the cover of the book "Murder on the Moore" by Julianna Deering. The cover shows a painting of a man in a brown suit holding a walking stick. He has a newsboy hat on his head and has a leather bag slung across his chest. The book review is by

Murder on the Moor by Julianna Deering
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book is absolutely charming! It has a great plot with interesting characters. I thoroughly enjoyed this book!

Received this book from the publisher.

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This book is full of adventure, the character witty and charming and the plot will suck you in spinning you round and round until it finally deposits you on the very last page to catch your breath. It is truly a wonderful book!


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