Our Favorite Southern California Eateries

Travel and food, we love both of them so we thought we would share some of our favorite places to eat in Southern California!


This is the best Mexican food I have eaten. It’s amazing! Whenever we are Huntington Beach we stop here. I can’t wait to get back out there to eat there!

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Del Taco

We are suckers for good burritos, so this is one of our favorites! I wish they had one near where I live (my waist line however is very happy I don’t), but alas I can only have it while on vacation. The last time I was in CA. I think I ate here about every day of the trip. Oh so good!

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El Polo Loco

This was the first place we went after arriving in California. The food is SOOOOO good and its not just because you got off a six hour flight and the only thing you had was crackers and peanuts. It is truly delicious.

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The Soup Plantation

If you love a good bowl of soup you are going to LOVE this place!

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The Soup Exchange 

Soup, soup and more soup. Who doesn’t love a good bowl of soup?

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Tommy’s Burgers

Craving burgers? Try this place!

Roscoes Famous Deli

This place has some delicious food! Try the prime rib, it’s the best!

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