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Gorgeous Rug From Natural Area Rugs

Our New Rug

Look, we have a new rug! You guys and gals may have noticed we have a new gorgeous rug from Natural Area Rugs in the living room, especially if you are following us on Instagram! If you aren’t following us yet find us HERE! This beauty is Natural Area Rugs vintage rug line. It’s called Sarafina Vintage Oriental Rug, we got the 5×7 compliments of Natural Area Rugs – thank you guys so much!!
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So Many Gorgeous Rugs To Choose From

Rosevine Cottage Girls Review of the Natural Area RugsThey have so many amazing gorgeous rugs and it was so hard to choose our favorite for the living room! But finally after much agonizing and list making we decided on this one. We are so happy we did!!! We absolutely love this rug! The colors are perfect for the house, the blue & grays fit perfectly with our other decor.

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It comes with a rug pad to keep it from sliding around your floor which is awesome especially when you have dogs (or kids!). It’s soft and isn’t annoying to walk on with bare feet which is great for this house because we very rarely wear shoes. They adore lounging on it like a giant dog bed.

The company was started in 1972 and have made it their mission to be to be the best reputed direct importers and manufacturers of rugs in the United States. They offer a wide variety of choices to choose from and even do custom orders! Most of the products used in their rugs are 100% natural and every gorgeous rug they offer is handcrafted. You are literally getting a work of art for your floor! And they offer free shipping on all orders!


Gorgeous Rug, Natural Area Rugs, Vintage Look Rugs, Rosevine Cottage Girls

Fast Shipping For Our Rug

This gorgeous rug showed up on our doorstep super fast (we weren’t even expecting it when the doorbell rang) and I don’t know who was more excited us or the dogs! It showed up all wrapped up, but not so heavy that we couldn’t lift it. We had house guests when it arrived and everyone super excited to see it and I had lots of help moving the coffee table so we could stretch it out. Of course, the ends wanted to roll back up (totally normal!) but after a few days of leftover pumpkins sitting on the corners, it was perfect!

Rosevine Cottage Girls, Natural Area Rugs, Vintage Looking Rug, Natural Area Rug Review, Gorgeous Rugs

We’ve been having an absolute blast playing with the room and experimenting with different looks!

What We Think Of Our New Gorgeous Rug

We’ve had it for several months now, and we are still in love with this beautiful rug! It just gives the room a warmer touch and adds a splash of lighter colors to our dark floors. Plus it fits the color scheme year round! Whether it’s Christmas or summer this rug is going to look stunning!

Rosevine Cottage Girls, Natural Area Rugs, Vintage Looking Rugs, Farmhouse Rugs, Natural Area Rug Review
Its beautiful pattern catches your eye as you walk in the room, we’ve gotten a lot of compliments on it (Thanks again Natural Area Rugs!) What do you think? Have you looked at their other gorgeous rugs? We have our eye on their white shag rug for one of the guest bedrooms.
PS. Check out our line of Farmhouse inspired pillows!
Rosevine Cottage Girls, Gorgeous Rug, Natural Area Rugs, Natural Area Rug Review

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