Plunder Jewelry Review

 We’ve been spending every spare minute out in the garden getting flowers planted and the yard cleaned up. It’s been absolutely gorgeous here! The super hot and muggy temps haven’t rolled in yet so the days are nice and mild. The gardens are beginning to come together and look beautiful, we still have a lot to do- let’s face it there will always be a lot to do but I’m so happy with how it is coming together.
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The other day we trekked down our huge hill to the mailbox and was greeted by this little gem from our dear friend Christina with Plunder Jewelry. Check out this dear lady’s shop HERE.

I love this piece so much! The chain is nice and long, and sturdy. I love the vintage look to it, and the scripture “In my distress I called to the LORD, and he answered me. Jonah 2:2 NIV The whole necklace isn’t heavy and so fun to wear.

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