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12 Prayers for Children: Powerful Words of Protection and Hope

Use these powerful and heartfelt prayers for children’s protection to ask God to shield your kids from the increasing danger in the world.

Short Prayers For Children

As Luke 10:18 implies, the earth is becoming increasingly evil. Children, on the other hand, can be very innocent and naive, so it’s easy to tend to worry about them as parents constantly. 

So why is it important to include prayers for children in our daily prayer time, especially as people of faith:

  • Prayer for children boosts your faith in God’s ability to preserve your kid from all the danger in the world.
  • Prayers for children ensure that there is a divine covering over them every time they go out.
  • Prayers for children supply the wisdom they need to stay out of trouble.
  • Prayers or children are how you can shield your kids from being mentally corrupted by world standards.

Prayers For Children

Here are some of the best prayers for children’s protection that you can use to intercede daily for your child.

Prayers For Children: Protection Against Evil

Heavenly Father,

You’ve given me such wonderful kids. I ask today that You also preserve these gifts that You have placed in my hands. When my eyes can’t see, they are not hidden from Your sight.

Please keep my children safe from every appearance of evil. Let every plan of the devil concerning them be thwarted. May no weapon fashioned against them ever prosper.

Keep them away from dangerous people and situations. Protect them from any form of wrongful accusation. May they never know pain or any disaster but be increased in stature and wisdom with each passing day. In all their activities Lord, give angels charge over them.

I cover them all with the blood of Jesus.

In Christ’s name, I pray, Amen.

Short Protection Prayers For Children

My God,

I praise You for You have been my child’s source and sustenance since they were born. They belong to You Father, and You have never let any of Your sheep be lost.

I request that You be their protector and deliverer in times of trouble. Let no form of danger come near their tent.

Shield them from the evil standards of this world. Keep them safe from the people who prey on little children. Use their lives for Your glory.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Prayers For Children: Your Child’s Protection

Dear God,

Thank You for being our source of confidence.

You are our source of peace and refuge in a world filled with evil. Your Word speaks of Your promise to be with us even till the end of the ages. We’re grateful Father.

Today we ask that You protect our offspring from all forms of harm.

Hem them in on every side and keep them safe beneath Your wings. Shield them from the world and all its dangers. Place a mark of favor upon them so that anyone who sees them will favor them.

From their troubles, deliver them and show them your mercies.

Be near to my kids, Lord, and guard them on every side.

We will not fear, for You are with us and You go before us. Amen.

Prayers for Children to Find Their Identity in Christ

Dear Father,

In a world of many lies and confusion, You are the only constant. I pray that my kids come to rely on and trust You as the one true God. Help them to know You and realize that just as a fish can’t live outside of water, they cannot live out of Your presence.

Help them to understand the curse of sin, its reward of death, and how You came to take it off our heads by sacrificing Your beloved son Jesus. Help my little ones to grow in the knowledge of who they are and all You have given them.

Protect them from misplaced identities and the spirit of confusion.

Bring them to an understanding of what living for You really means

In Jesus’ name Amen. 

Prayers For Children Friendships


I ask that You keep my children away from bad company. Let them not have friends that will lead them astray, but the ones that will encourage them to serve You.

Protect them from people who pretend to be their friends but yet seek their downfall.

Instead, surround them with good friends who will inspire them to be better people. Plant godly friends in their lives who will help them put You at the center of it. 

Give them mentors and a support system when they are going through tough times.

Make my child a good friend to others too. Teach them to love and cherish the relationships in their lives and be blessings to everyone they meet. May they shine Your light everywhere they go, Amen.

Daily Prayers For Children For Safety

Dear God, 

I praise You for a new day and all the blessings You’ve placed in it. I’m about to send my kids who I love with all my heart into their individual schedules for the day.

As my eyes can’t reach them, Father I ask that You watch over them for me. I commit them to Your care with confidence, knowing that whatever is placed there is safe and secure.

I ask that You give them the wisdom to navigate the day. Lead them by Your spirit in all things. 

Give them boldness and courage when they need it. Help them to be aware of Your presence and rely on You.

Fill their day with joy and warmth and shield them from pain or any form of accidents.

At the end of the day, bring them home safe and sound.

I ask through Christ our Lord, Amen.

Protection Against Predators And Criminals Prayers For Children


News of insecurity and missing children have made the news for as long as I can remember. You alone know the pain of losing a child to kidnappers, traffickers, and other child predators. It’s a pain that wrecks the very being of a parent.

I love my child so much and it would kill me to see anything bad happen to them.

It is because of this that I make this protection prayer today.

Please guard my child against dangerous strangers. Keep them safe from predators, pedophiles, and abusers. In dangerous situations, make a way to escape from them.

Give my children the wisdom and guidance they need to stay safe daily.

Watch over them and send angels to guard them all day.

Thank You for You love them even more than I do. Amen.

Protection Against Bullies Prayers For Children


I absolutely hate to see my child get hurt or hurt others.

And so I come before You to ask that You please protect them from all kinds of bullying, be it physical or emotional. Order the circumstances around my child to shield them from mean comments and meaner children. Remind them that they are absolutely beautiful, loved, and cherished.

Help them to understand that though the world may be unkind, rest and peace are found in You.

Guide us as their parents to act in wisdom in moments when they get into trouble or are in danger. Give us the words to comfort them when they come home crying.

I pray that the bullies be brought to justice. But more importantly, that the hurt and bitterness in their hearts that causes them to be wicked towards others be healed by Your love.

Prayers For Children: Protection Against Worldly Ideals

Father God,

The world is a scary place to raise a child. With so much evil propaganda being pushed, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to raise children who do not subscribe to these evil ideals that the world has made seem normal. 

I plead Lord, that You will shield my child from them all. Let their faith in You be so strong that they will not heed what the world tells them.

Safeguard their hearts from the influence of drugs, dishonor for parents, addictions, sexual perversions, murder, and immorality that has been normalized.

Equip my child to be a light in the thickening darkness that envelops the world. Let their love and obedience for You be their guide. Teach them to also love and have compassion for people.

Grant them the wisdom and courage to say no when these temptations come around them.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Bedtime Protection Prayers For Children

Dear God, 

We give You praise for a day well spent. It was filled with both good things and a few difficulties, but You helped us right through them all.

Thank You for the gentle reminders of love You gave when we felt sad, tired, or alone. Forgive us for the ways we erred and gave in to our human weaknesses. Give us the grace to stand stronger next time.

Tonight we pray for Your protection from evil as we go to bed now, especially for the kids. Calm their fears and help them understand that they have nothing to be scared of as they go to bed.

Give them sweet dreams so that they may sleep soundly and wake up rejuvenated.

Send Your angels to look after them while we sleep. Thank You for always listening. Goodnight.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.


Short Prayers for Children’s Future


We pray for our kids that their future will be bright and full of laughter.

May they fulfill their purpose in whatever vocation or career choices they make. We declare that they will stand out amongst their peers and be highly favored.

Above all, we pray that they will never turn away from serving You.

Guard them against the evils that wreck people’s lives. 

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

A Birthday Prayers for Children

Heavenly Father, 

I thank You for the blessing of my child. On this day some time ago, You helped me bring them into this world. From their birth till now, there have been ups and downs but you’ve helped us ride them all out. I could not have asked for a better thing than this beautiful kid you’ve adorned my life with.

Thank You so much for the laughter and joy they fill our home with.

Today, I ask that You continue to bless them and help them grow into kind-hearted people. Let them grow to love You and want to live in Your ways. May they grow in wisdom and favor before men. Let their talents and gifts never be buried but used for Your glory. May they grow in strength and character. Give them the spirit of excellence that they might stand before kings. Enable us as their parents to be proper stewards of them.

Above all, surround them with a garment of protection so that they will live to become all that You have made them to be.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Prayers For Children: Conclusion

The role of prayers for children in keeping your child safe is important.

Regardless of their age, you will always need to include prayers for children, prayers for protection, wisdom, and guidance in your day. Through this action, you are bringing your children to the feet of Jesus and turning them over to Him.

So make interceding for your child’s safety through prayers for children a daily habit. Also remember that no matter how hard life gets, you can always count on God to protect your child.

Prayers for children are a wonderful way to pray for God’s will in your child’s lives as well as like Hannah does give our children to God. It also is a form of dedication, we may not see what our prayers for children produce, but never underestimate the power of a praying parent.

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