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Am I Thankful?

Can you believe it? Another year has passed at breakneck speed and here you are standing here and not knowing where it all has gone.  The flowers of springtime have faded away and the laughter and fun, and hot summer sunshine has cooled.  The evenings have a bite in the air and the leaves are starting to take on the brilliant hues of  autumn.  Soon the leaves begin to loosen from their trees and take flight, riding the wind swirling and dancing all around.

It’s Thanksgiving again am I thankful?

A time to gather with family and friends.  A time to reflect.

A time to be thankful, to give thanks for everything we have small and large..

But you wonder am I thankful?

Or, am I just going through the motions?  Thanksgiving in America falls before Christmas, a time to say thank you; for the gift to come. Christ.

Thankful for the blessings that we have in our lives.  For the roof over our heads and the food on our table. For loved ones around us. 

Is that enough?

Am I thankful, for the men and woman who fought to protect my freedom.

The men, and woman who patrol the area to keep my family and me safe. 

The men and woman who are a phone call away when someone I love is hurt.

For the person who delivers my mail, the ones who check me out at the store and for those that bag my groceries.  The people who make my food when we eat out.

The person who gave me their parking spot?

The neighbor who picks up the trash and makes your neighborhood beautiful. 

The friend who is always there?

The job that provides for us?

Am I thankful for the little things?

Like the beautiful sunrise, a smile of a stranger, beautiful leaves, the time that one takes to spend time with me. 

Being thankful for the laughter of a child, and the love of four-legged friends.

Am I truly thankful? Today spend a few moments thanking Him for everything he has given you, from the big things to the little things, like your next breath.

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