Preparing For Christmas | In What Have I Put My Trust?

In what have I put my trust?

It’s an odd question, especially since it has nothing to do with Christmas. When you clicked on this post you were probably expecting something like “How to keep all your Christmas lights untangled”‘ or “How to get everyone the perfect gift without breaking the budget, decorate the house in a couple hours, get the Christmas cards out on time and throw an amazing Christmas party- without losing your mind” ok so maybe that is stretching it a little, but you get the idea. You expected something to do with Christmas and preparing for it.

Sorry, this series isn’t about that. It’s about preparing our hearts and our lives over the next 7 weeks to celebrate the birth of our savior. A reminder in all of the hustle and bustle, pretty lights, tree decorating, buying gifts, parties, family gatherings and sales, that the greatest gift can’t be found wrapped beneath the tree but in the form of a baby lying in a manger among lowly animals.

So back to the question, In what have I put my trust?

Is it money? Luck? People? My own ability? Take a coin and flip it over, what does it say? ‘In God we trust’. Such a simple answer to the question, and yet for many of us this isn’t the truth.

Another way to phrase the question is “In whom have you put your hope”. Have I put my hope in a team? A pastor? An actor or actress? A teacher? A business? A job? The answer is so easy, and yet so hard. Its so easy to place our trust, our hope in someone or something else- to make it an idol in our lives. And when it doesn’t fulfill us, we are left angry, hurting and empty because those things were never meant to fill that place in our lives. They were never meant to be the object that we put our hope, our trust in. They were never meant to fulfill us.

In God we trust. In God, we hope. In God, we are fulfilled. In God, we are saved.


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