Preparing for Christmas a mother, teenage sons and young daughter makes Christmas cookies together. The article is about unplugging from electronics and really spending time and cherishing those you love around you.

Preparing For Christmas Unplug


Preparing For Christmas Unplug


It’s that time of year again.

Christmas carols play on the radio station and decorations are in every store and street corner. You want to do things differently this year, but life is just so busy as the kids bustle off to school in the morning to catch the bus with their noses in their phones. They grunt as you tell them goodbye and have a good day.

Tap. Tap. Tap. Scroll. Scroll…

You need to get to preparing for Christmas so you pack up the diaper bag and head with the little ones to the mall to shop.  The place is packed with shoppers all with the same idea bustling around busily shopping with their heads down and looking at their phones.  

In the play area, busy parents pause to let their children play. While the children have some fun they sit, their phones in their hands as if it were part of them.  Their eyes glued to the screen- paying no attention to their children. Whatever is on their screens commands their full attention. 

You look down at your own hand and the social media you were scrolling and then up at your child who has been talking to you but you can’t for the life of you tell you what they said.

You decide to leave and stop and have coffee with Mom. She needed to prepare for Christmas at her house and you promised to help. You settle the baby in the pack-and-play and the toddler with a toy and sit at the table and pick up your phone.  Your mom calls your name and clears her throat and you realize that you have not heard a word of what she has said.  She is holding the coffee pot in her hand suspended over your mug and giving you that look.  

Is this how you want your family to remember the Holidays?  How do you remember Christmas growing up?

Preparing For Christmas – Be Present


Turn off the cell phones, the Television, the computer, the iPad, the video games, the ‘whatever’ that keeps your family  separated in their little world. Instead, let’s try something else. 

Preparing for Christmas Have fun together!

  • Gather together and make Christmas cookies together
  • Go Christmas caroling together (your local nursing home would love the company!)
  • Pack up in the car and look at the beautiful Christmas lights together.
  • Start a habit of pulling out board games and play 
  • Instead of you decorating the tree alone, get the entire family together to decorate (you may have all the ornaments at the bottom of the tree if you have little ones, but it will be worth it for the memories alone).
  • Pop some old-fashioned popcorn, pick out a classic Christmas movie and sit together and watch it together.
  • Have the kids help you with Christmas cards this year. Have an art day with the family. Have them draw, paint, fingerprint a Christmas scene and then have their art made into Christmas cards or postcards using a printing service like Vista Print. Older kids can help sign the Christmas greeting and the family name on the postcard.

Preparing For Christmas – Be Purposeful


You don’t know who will be with you next year, or whose chairs will remain empty. Treasure the now, because it will never come again. Your kids will never be this age again. Your grandkids will never be this young again, and your parents may not be with you next year.

Around this time last year, my grandma passed away unexpectedly, leaving us to face Thanksgiving and Christmas without her for the first time since before I was born. She had lived with my parents since they were married and then suddenly she was gone… Every year she had been there decorating, baking, filling out cards, singing, and finally supervising when she could no longer help. I will never forget the stories she would tell of years gone by…

Even when she couldn’t remember what happened 5 minutes ago, she could sing Christmas carols. I have so many wonderful memories of being together this time of year. She loved Christmas. Which in turn she passed down to my sister and me. It’s a special time of year, a time for family. For memories that you will treasure for the rest of your life. For laughter and baking and singing. For celebrating the birth of our savior.

Years later, once the gifts are all long forgotten, the wrapping paper thrown away, and the lights burnt out that is what you will remember. The time spent together. Stop with the cell phone, look around you, and treasure your family… so many others don’t have what you have. Treasure them and treasure the season. 

Merry Christmas friends!


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