Preparing For Christmas | Who Do They See?

When people look at me, who do they see?

I will never forget the time the pastor of the church we were going to come up to us and thanked us for coming. He told us that whenever he saw us he could see Him shining through us.

This time of year is stressful, I know- so much to do so little time to do it. But while you are sitting in line at the store or driving remember the reason for the season, the reason we celebrate this time of year.

Would that rude remark on the tip of your tongue as you wait to check out behind someone that has a ton of stuff show others Him? Would that four letter word that sprang to your lips as someone cut you off in traffic be pleasing to His ears? Would it point someone else to Him? Remember, little windows have big ears and they are always listening.

Be a light, not another broken bulb. When people are rude -and we all know some will be- don’t snap back with a rude comment of your own. Just smile and wish them a ‘Merry Christmas’ and walk away. Be kind. People notice the difference. Even when (especially when) it’s just your kids you are talking to.

I’ve lost track of the mothers I have run into who were shrieking and swearing at their own children. Be kind.

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