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Wow, what a week! We went from sunny and 81 degrees to snow, and that is unusual for Tennessee in April. Normally we are well on our way to gorgeous warm days but not this year. But between the rain showers, wind, freezing temps and snow we’ve been putting in full days out in the yard.
The baby chicks are big enough to go outside (they grew up way to fast!) so we’ve been working on the chicken coop ready for them. Mr. Cottage has been home so we also decided to tackle building new raised beds to replace the ones that rotted. Where we had them before is too shady now so we decided to put them at the back of the yard. It’s been a lot of work but it’s coming together and looking so good!
We tackled fertilizing the trees over the weekend, it only took 88 bags but we got it done. By the end of the day, we were so sore! We’ve been to Lowes so many times the lady in the garden center knows us by sight and has us rung up -15 bags of manure/compost.
In all of the hustle around here, we haven’t had a chance to open the package from Presto Photo that arrived a few days ago. Until today that is! We’ve been running around all day trying to find the perfect place for our panoramic collage, we decided to hang it in the dining room and I have to say I love it! The colors are so vibrant, it is super light and easy to hang! The company is great to work with and their website is so user-friendly!


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I love how it looks in the room! It’s so bright and cheerful and works with our style! I love that shape too! It’s the perfect piece of art to compliment our friends welcome sign and the one I painted a few months ago.

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