Remembering Them…Infant / Child Loss Remembrance

 I’m not really sure how to write this post. My mom said to share my heart so here goes… today is pregnancy and infant loss day. Today we remember all the little ones gone to soon and pray for the families who have lost their precious bundle of joy. Some of us will be lighting candles tonight in a “Wave of light” at 7 PM. Other I’m sure will be doing other things.

Its cold here, I can hear the rain pinging against the top of the chimney. Ping. Ping Ping. It’s a lonely sound. Christmas carols play softly from the kitchen. Yes it’s early for it. But I’m just in the mood for it tonight, a group of geese fly over- I know because I can hear them honking as they fly toward the lake. Its almost dark now. There are eleven in our family we will be remembering tonight. Eleven of my siblings, a few cousin’s babies, my dad’s navy friend’s child, a friends nephew, a friends… so many.

My heart breaks for each one. Each family.  7 O’clock…
We pray for you as you continue you on.
Leave your loved ones name in the comments below and we will remember them too. 
As we do Lucy Marie, Tjaden Eli, Brendan, Carter Lee…

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