Remembering World War II 2016

Last week we went to Remembering World War II in Linden Tennessee, we got to go last year and really loved it! Great music, style and tribute to a great generation. We stopped first at the military encampment.


Before heading down the street to listen to live music over lunch and a story from a world war 2 vet before the parade. It’s so weird to see all these old cars and military vehicles parked on the street- and then a golf cart rolls by loaded with guys in uniform.

This year they had vintage planes fly over the parade! It was so amazing to watch!

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You can’t help but hold your breath as the race toward you, they feel so low they may hit the buildings but instead, they soar over their engines roaring. Sheer power. I can’t imagine how terrifying that would be to watch during the war. I may or may not have been standing through the skylight in my dad’s car to get some of these shots. If you happened to be at this event I was the crazy lady in the Nissan with a camera. What can I say, photographer and vintage plane lover.

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I love how they honor the vets at this event, all day parents would bring their children up to these guys so they could shake their hands and the vets would get the biggest smiles.

Brianna wanted clarification on whether when they said don’t forget to get a souvenir, they considered vintage cars and an assortment of other things (ahem) were considered “souvenirs” because if so she wanted to bring them home.


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They also let you ride in some of the vehicles. Doesn’t it look fun?

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