Remodeling The Kitchen Week 1

Day 1: We decided to paint the kitchen and living room a crisp white and ship lap the walls, to go with our seaside look. The day was going terrific- right up until we moved the fridge to paint and found water. Apparently, the water line was leaking and we didn’t know it. This discovery launched us into a full remodel of the kitchen. Upon further investigation (poor Mr. Cottage, when he called at noon we were painting, when he got home at 4 PM we were remodeling.) it was clear cabinets were going to have to be replaced.

Day 3: So after a trip to the crawl space we figured out why the air conditioner wasn’t working right, something had ripped giant 5′ holes in the ducts. So after a daylong detour to fix the ducts in the crawl space, and Mr. Cottage falling down the 10-foot ditch (- don’t worry He’s ok!) we are back to ripping out the lower cabinets, dishwasher, and stove, patching walls and ripping out the linoleum.

Day 4: I think my arms are going to fall off, definitely a two cup kind of day. Today we are ripping out the backer board and painting.

Day 5: We have about 3/4 -1/2 the floor torn up. Hopefully, we can get the rest of it done today and move on to the section of drywall and subfloor that needs to come out. Last night I painted the walls free of cabinets. So today I am going to put on a second coat and tear up some more backer board.

Brianna says I look like a cowgirl who got thrown and then sat on… for some reason I don’t think it’s a compliment. Judging by a number of splinters in my pants I must have hit the fence.

Day 6: Oh my gosh, my arms are killing me. Today’s plan is to tear out the bad parts of the subfloor and wall and replace them, finish taking down cabinets and painting walls. Just another day at the Cottage- I don’t think my coffee cup is big enough…

Day 7: So after a grueling trip to Lowe’s and Home Depo that took most of the afternoon yesterday, we are tearing out the bad parts of the subfloor and drywall and repairing them. Listing old cabinets for sale, finishing painting, bringing in a set of cabinets we got at a yard sale and deciding if we want to put those in or resell them.

Behind the scenes reel:

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