Remodeling The Kitchen Week 14 – The Truth About Buying A Sink

What is the truth about buying a sink you ask? I mean how hard can it be?

You’re so adorable, let me pop that little bubble for you.

The truth about buying a sink is your going to want to pull your hair out. They’ll be “buyers remorse”, did I buy the right one????????? What if I’m disappointed? (I do love a white sink) Is it too big? I mean I don’t think my teenager will be bathing in the sink at this point…What if it doesn’t fit? What if it’s too small and I can’t squeeze my cookie sheets or cutting board into it and I feel like a giant T-rex with teeny tiny arms trying to wrestle the huge cookie sheets and cutting boards under the water trying to rinse off the soap all because my sink is too small.  What if the world ends, and the galaxy goes spinning off because I didn’t buy that stunning white fireclay sink? What if, what if, what if!

And then the I wish stage hits, where you second guess all of those decisions you made when buying aforementioned sink, and at some point your kids find you hiding in the pantry with a blanket (there isn’t a door because we put in tile and now it doesn’t fit) eating chocolate and listening to a radio play wave sound effects.

In other words- you’re going to have so much fun! But in the back of your head your hearing your mom tell you that on your first day of school- and she was always, always wrong. Hehehe yeah. Anyway, after our first pick turned out to be a scam, and our second was the wrong sink, we decided to try amazon again. I mean what are the chances it could be wrong again… *crickets chirping*

So we ordered a 32×30 inch stainless sink from _, not really paying attention we skimmed over the fact that it’s a 40+ lbs sink and holding our breath pressed “order”. See so much easier than the Lowes one!

About a week later we got a notification that it was to arrive. FINALLY! And we waited. And we waited some more. And we waited some more. No doorbell ringing. No large box containing our sink sitting on our front stoop like a package from Santa on Christmas morn’. And so as the sun began to sink behind the tree line we got a sinking feeling. Surely not! Surely they didn’t. We wander outside forgetting our shoes (it’s 80 some degrees here in Nov, don’t judge.) and sure enough- the delivery guy had left it in the driveway. Wimp. But at least he braved our driveway and put it at the top instead of the bottom.

Cheyenne, not one to wait for help pulls the giant appliance dolly (can you tell we have done this before) from the garage and drags said sink onto the dolly and goes clattering across the gravel with me trailing behind a camera in hand. Here you may ask yourself why I didn’t help, well someone had to take pictures! Right? Besides the aforementioned T-rex arms thing does describe me quite well. After a wonderful experience with a lady (on lots of medication) that swore my car was moving when indeed it was stopped at a red light.  Since then I can’t raise my arm above my head on one side. .. T-Rex arm.)

With a bit of growling and a lot of clanking she and the sink made it up all front 6 steps- with me behind yelling to Brianna to help hold it so it won’t fall down the steps just as Mr. Cottage turned into the driveway.

He kind of just hesitated there for a moment as if asking himself if he should drive around the block once or maybe even twice before coming home (he knows our insanity well, it has been his close and personal companion all these years). Right about then Cheyenne and the sink stumbled into the door -the door swinging wide like it does in the movies when the police kick it in- with Brianna still standing where she was when I was yelling for her to grab the sink, staring open-mouthed after them.

So now our new sink sits beside the fridge waiting for cabinets so she can be installed. Side note: the box works great as counter space a little low, but when the floor is your only other option, a box on your floor becomes your dearest friend (as long as the dog stays off of it).

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