Remodeling The Kitchen Week 2

Day 9: The last little piece of backer board is going in, we have to run to the store to pick up another gallon of paint to finish one last section on the wall. Go figure we ran out with a foot section left. Hopefully, the rain will stay away today so we can bring in the cabinets and see if they will fit. Tiling begins tomorrow, I can’t believe how fast this is going! And Mr. Cottage is speaking in riddles… I need more coffee.

Day 10: Tile is going in today! Yay! Yesterday we pulled out the cabinets we found at a yard sale and tried to figure out a layout for the kitchen, but it turns out they are too big… unless we don’t want a dish washer. So we are back to looking for cabinets… Oh, joy!

They started with putting in a lot more screws in the backer board and then started laying down the tile like this.

Day 11: Tile is in, the guys are coming back to do the grout today. Everyone is exhausted here. We can’t wait to find cabinets (we’re looking for white, brownie points if they have bead board!) Excited to see it all put together. Mr. Cottage is scheming, trying to figure out if we have enough tile left over to do the bathroom and laundry room. Apparently we are like four tiles short. Mrs. Cottage just looked at him and walked away- I don’t think she is excited about having another part of the house torn up.

Day 12: Can’t wait for noon to mop the tile so we can see the finished look! Today we are heading off to check out cabinets, wish us luck. It’s going to be a long day…


Day 13: Today’s plan mopping. Fingers crossed our layout plans get back to us today or tomorrow. We’re thinking we are going to go with raw wood cabinets and then paint them ourselves.

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