Remodeling The Kitchen Week 4

The excitement has loooonnng since worn off, this week we are tearing out our brand spanking new tile (yes you read that right). Some of them were loose so up they came. Let’s just say this happened with lots of ice cream and tears – and prayer. We’re now waiting for the guy who put them in to come back and put them in again.

The search for cabinets and countertops is continuing, seriously does there have to be so many choices? We got our layout designs back, thank goodness we had two different people do them because the first one we hated.

What do you think? We’re currently in a toss up between Shenandoah Cottage cabinets in linen and raw wood. We’re looking at really light colored countertops- then we looked at all the ways to finish the edges and decided we needed more coconut ice cream before deciding.

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