Remodeling The Kitchen Week 9

Week 9, I can’t believe it’s been this long, but alas it has. This week has been rainy and chilly (very untypical for a southern September but we’ll take it.

This week Mr. Cottage has been cutting holes in the walls to run the wires so we can swap the stove and refrigerator. Insert crying face as he messes up our shiplap. We think he takes way too much pleasure in cutting open the walls.

The tile guy finally came, ripped out our loose tile and regrouted! Sorry about the horrible lighting but he showed up at 6:00 at night while we were eating dinner. We are so ready to have your kitchen back! I don’t think I can look a chicken in the eye again.

This was my view yesterday morning, floor finished. Mr. Cottage finished wiring while we girls headed out to look at appliances. Today after church we’ll be mopping, and putting drywall back in place. We’re praying the place we are getting our cabinets from will be able to deliver them this week and that counters will not take an eternity.
We have our final designs in and have decided to use a blind corner on the bottom cabinets instead of the ones with the Lazy susan.  The size was just better on the blind corners. We are thinking that we are going to get the taller cabinets that go up to the ceiling instead of having the gap at the top. Grandma loved to put her Christmas village up there, but this way it will make more storage for dishes.

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