Shabby Chic Side Table

We bought this little table from our friend’s auction when they were moving to Sierra Leone, Africa to become missionaries.  I liked the lines of the table but it was black and the room is a little dark so I decided to work on it a bit.

I found Mrs. Cottage’s CeCe Caldwell Chalk paint in white and decided to use it.  I like CeCe Caldwell because it is easy to use, easy to clean up and is non-toxic.  I also love it because the paint names are after places here in America and that just makes me smile for some reason.  🙂

I took the table and put plastic under it and began the first coat of CeCe’s paint in a white.  It goes on sort of thin so I knew that I would need a couple of coats.  I was not wanting a solid white, though.  I was looking for a shabby French looking table.

From there I just let it dry and went into the kitchen to put on a loaf of bread.  Have to keep busy!

Then I did a second coat of paint.  After that coat dried I sanded it a bit to give it some age.

Here it is after I sanded through to the black in spots.
A quick coat of wax to seal it and that’s it! It was super easy and I really love the way it turned at.


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