shelter of the most high book review

Shelter of the Most High Book Review

I enjoy a good book, I love reading so much and like all kinds of books but really enjoy historical fiction. So, when I found that author Connilyn Cossette had the second book Shelter of the Most High in her ‘Cities of Refuge’ series I jumped at the chance to read it.
shelter of the most high book review
I had already read the first book ‘Light on a Hill’ and really loved how I was transported to ancient Old Testament biblical lands and fell in love with the rich characters and wonderful storyline. I felt transported to the ancient lands of the bible and became friends with Moriyah and Eitan.
shelter of the most high book review
Book two ‘Shelter of the Most High’ we open in ancient Sicily. A wild and windswept place set on the gorgeous azure Mediterranean Sea. The teenage Sofea, the high priest’s daughter and her reluctant cousin swimming in the blue depths of the sea, exploring caves along this mystic shoreline. While they are there their village is being attacked by pirates. The girls are kidnapped and taken off to sea with no hope of rescue. They find themselves in a foreign land with not a friend in the world and no one that speaks their language.
Follow these young girls as they learn how to make a new life, try to fit into a new culture and discover the one true God.
There are murder plots to be uncovered, there is redemption and love.
It is a really good book.  Don’t miss this one! They do play off one another but it can be read as a stand-alone book if you want to but I would recommend them both.
Light on a Hill
Shelter of the Most High
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  1. Shelter of the Most High sounds like a very interesting book! I am hoping to begin writing book reviews. I just have to make the time to read the books first!! I also appreciate historical fiction, but stay away from any romance related usually. This one sounds perfect for me!

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