Silver And Cotton Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, so we have our Thanksgiving centerpiece on our minds. I love the challenge of decorating a table, playing with layers, colors, and textures.  

What Are Thanksgiving Colors?

Thanksgiving colors are traditionally the colors of fall. Oranges, yellows, golds, browns would be the colors of the day. You can use whatever color you like. We are using silver, green, and white to show you how it can be easily done. 

How Can I Make A Thanksgiving Centerpiece On A Budget?

We collect things at yard sales, estate sales, thrift stores, antique shops, and other places we go that we can use for decor for the house and for entertaining. It is fun to find little pieces that when you put them together can really make your event special. Grab some candlesticks from Dollar General to have on hand to give your dinner a little sparkle. Ask a family member if they have tablecloths, dishes, gravy boats, and serving ware to borrow. It can be done and on a shoestring. 

What Is The Traditional Thanksgiving Centerpiece Called? 

The traditional Thanksgiving centerpiece was the cornucopia or horn of plenty. It was a horn-shaped vessel that held fruits that showed the harvest blessings of the year. We kept with this theme and instead used a galvanized steel (found at Hobby Lobby) container and filled it with butternut squash from our garden.


Collage of table with white tablecloth, white plates, a bowl of squash and candlesticks. | Thanksgiving Centerpiece
We added a cotton garland that we found at our local (Hobby Lobby in a 50% off sale) as a wreath around the container and some pretty tarnished silver candlesticks to add some sparkle.  We used white plates, chicken wire napkin rings [Find our tutorial HERE] with white napkins. 
Photo of a wooden table with white tablecloth in a outdoor country setting with white china plates, a metal container with squash and candles. Fall Farmhouse Tablescape | Thanksgiving Table Centerpiece

What If I Don’t Have Fabric Napkins For My Thanksgiving Table?

Fabric napkins can be found at estate and yard sales for really cheap. Walmart and Fred Meyer usually sell them in the kitchenware section. If you are more creative stop by your fabric store and look for a fabric with your colors. Buy some yardage depending on how many guests you will be having.  Napkins are normally 16″x16″ or 18×18″.  Cut your squares and hem around the 4 edges. Have fun looking for some great napkin rings or make your own. They can be as simple as some raffia, ribbon, or fancy as store-bought rings. 



sgiving tableenterpiece
Outdoor table set with white tablecloth, white plates, galvinized steel container with squash, a cotton branch around the container. Silver candlesticks. Fall Farmhouse Tablescape

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