Sleeveless Polka Dot Ball Gown Dress By Zaful Review

Photo of a young woman with dark hair and blue eyes. She is standing on a tree lined street facing the camera.  She has a black belt around her waist with a black polka dot knee length dress by Zaful. This is a review of the dress by

Zaful Dress Review


We were approached about collaborating with Zaful an online clothing company, and with no further ado- we are excited to share this dress with you! If you’ve followed our fashion blog you know we LOVE retro fashion so when we saw this dress we fell in love.

Close up photo done in black and white of a young woman wearing a black dress with white polka dots by Zaful. She is wearing vintage pearls around her neck and a vintage black hat with a black transparent bow in the back. She has dark hair and it is pulled back in a low bun.  She has red lipstick and vintage earrings. This is a review of the dress by

We got the Sleeveless Polka Dot Ball Gown Dress three days after we ordered it, and when we happened to see it at the door it was like Christmas morning! I couldn’t wait to try it on! Unfortunately, we were on our way out the door to run errands so it had to wait until we got back home. I’m totally in love with this dress! It’s lightweight, comfortable, and fits like a glove. It isn’t lined and is made of polyester.  I know we wouldn’t describe this as a ballgown but it is the company description of the dress and not ours.

Zaful offers a wide range of unique fashion gems, seriously we had a hard time picking because they have so many adorable things! The website is super user-friendly and easy to use. You can find them on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ & Youtube.
Young woman standing on a country road. She is facing the camera and has a black dress with white polka dots by Zaful and a black vintage cap that is sitting at an angle on her head by This is a dress review.


I can’t wait to shop their other retro-looking dresses! I think this is right up our alley. How about you? What do you think?

Received this dress free for our honest review.

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