Snowed In… Again.

Well here we are again… snowed in. We have just over 2 1/2 inches already and expecting more as the day goes on. It’s pretty but I must say I am very ready for spring.

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Mr. Cottage was able to get to work this morning. We girls are waiting for pictures of our dear friend with her green saucer sledding. LOL. We may hit the front hill a little later. Though Faith will have to stay inside because she doesn’t like riding but she loves chasing us down the hill. The only problem is by the time we get to the bottom she thinks its “Chase-The-Border-Collie-Up- The-Hill-Time”. And no one can keep up with her.

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Luna is sitting on the banister of the back porch staring at me through the window. I would let her in but she gets into too much trouble in the house. Meanwhile she sulks in a snow drift up to her belly. Silly cat. She can get under the house where it is warm but no, no, no we have to sit in the snow.
Hmmm… Think we may want to put this away until after all this snow is gone.

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