Snowed In: Day 2

The news is calling this snow storm the blizzard of 2016. I read somewhere last night that South Carolina had 900 accidents state wide yesterday. One of our neighboring counties police department asked people to stay home because the roads are so bad. Their suggestion? Snow cream!

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 But as I scroll through my Facebook I can’t help but notice all the pictures of families playing out in the snow. Not behind a laptop or TV, not a game console or with headphones in their ears but playing in the snow with each other. Teaching small children to sled, or build a snowman or having snowball fights.

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To be honest I’ve been enjoying the snow. At last measurement we had about 6 inches of snow. Which is way more than we normally get. We are baking, watching our assortment of birds at the feeder by the window, enjoying good books, making snowcream (so good by the way!!!), talking to old friends in Africa and listening to old radio dramas between hitting the front hill for some great sledding. The only trick is stopping before you hit the creek or the road. We’ve been teaching Faith (our dog) a new trick- pulling the sled up the hill for us. She has gotten pretty good at it!
Isn’t this male Cardinal gorgeous against the snow? Grandma always loved when they came in the winter to her bird feeders.

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Mom got her tree flocked.  Too bad it was after we took it outside. 🙂

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