How to Introduce Yourself

How To Introduce Yourself

Do you know how to introduce yourself? Introductions can be awkward at best and downright miserable at worst (especially if you are an introvert) therefore, here is a rule of thumb which by no means exhaustive. So let us help you navigate your way through how to introduce yourself.

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How To Introduce Yourself

  • When introducing yourself to someone new we start with good eye contact. Look the person in the eye.
  • Offer your hand to shake. Make sure your handshake is firm but not overly so.
  • Speak clearly and loud enough to be heard in the environment you are in without shouting.
  • You will say something like, Hello Mrs. Keller, my name is (use your first and last name) and then tell who you are and possibly if it is relevant to them.  Such as, we spoke on the phone last week about the building project you are doing in town. It will give them a point of reference to who you are.

Introduce Yourself and Introducing Others

Again, we want to make sure we have good eye contact with the person that you are introducing and then turn to look the second person in the eye. Speak clearly so all parties can hear you.

How to Begin

When introducing others we begin the introduction with one of the following

  • I’d like to introduce you to
  • May I introduce you to
  • I’d like you to meet
  • May I present (for formal introductions)

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Introduce Yourself – Let’s try some introductions

  • First, a child or younger person should always be introduced to an elder as Mr. Mrs. so and so. You would say, Mrs. Smith, this is my daughter Sally, Sally this is Mrs. Smith. You can add information about Mrs. Smith if applicable.
  • Second, a gentleman should be introduced to a lady.  Charles, I’d like you to meet my sister Lisa Smith.  Lisa, this is my friend Charles Keith. Again you can add information about each person being introduced if you think it is important.
  •  Third a person of lesser status should be introduced to a person of higher status.  This can be a senator, mayor, president the boss of your company, a king. You start with the person you want to show honor and respect and then you introduce your coworker, spouse, child, friend. You will use the person’s title such as Governor Brown and then the first and last name of the one you are introducing *unless it is your spouse or child that shares your last name.
  •  Also during introductions, you should use a person’s title such as doctor or pastor, etc. Doctor Jones, I would like you to meet my friend Sally Smith, Sally, I’d like you to Meet Dr. Samuel Jones.


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