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Welcome to our soup roundup friends!

It is a busy night tonight.  Mrs. Cottage and I are busy making a few pots of soup for meals this week just in case the weather person is correct (this time) and we do get a bunch of snow.The house smells so wonderful with the cooking of the vegetables and the earthy smells of herbs and spices. You can click the title of the recipe below to be taken to the recipe.

Tonight we are making: 


Cream Of Broccoli Soup

Cream of Broccoli Soup, Broccoli Soup, Recipe Roundup,by Rosevine Cottage Girls


Grandma’s Best Chili

Chili recipe, Beef Chili, Steak Chili, soup roundup, by Rosevine Cottage Girls



Bean Soup, How to cook Beans, Mama's loco beans, Soup Roundup, by Rosevine Cottage Girls
It may sound like overkill, but we tend to lose power if we get more than a couple of inches.  The power is usually off for several days so we wanted to have stuff ready that we could just warm up.  Don’t laugh our cold neighbors to the North!  🙂 
Back to our roots, by rosevine cottage girls
Last time we had 8″ we were little but we had no power for 4 days and Mrs. Cottage cooked us breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the fireplace.  Don’t laugh!  It was good too.  We had eggs or hot cereal for breakfast, soups, and stews for lunch, and a hot dinner with meat and veggies.  She even made us tea and cocoa in the fireplace.  We were kept cozy and satisfied.  


Well, goodnight and keep warm friends! Tomorrow we may be in a winter wonderland.
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