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Christmas Decor For The Bathroom

Creating beautiful Christmas decor for the bathroom is a wonderful way to create a welcoming Christmas environment in your home.  Whether your powder room is normally decorated in a country french look or a farmhouse style this is a really great way to add that classic old-fashioned Christmas feel to the house.

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Christmas Decor For The Bathroom photo of a bathroom with beautiful green garland swag with glass ornaments, candle holders, greenery and other touches of Christmas :

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Christmas Decor For The Bathroom: How To Achieve it. 

Our main bathroom/powder room is something we’ve always wanted to decorate for Christmas, but never really got around to until this year. Because bathrooms tend to be rather small, pick decor that can be layered and not to take up a ton of room.

Keep stuff around the sink a minimum and don’t use things that will be easily damaged by stray drops of water. A small space can’t handle a ton of decor so be tactful with what you use. Keep your look simple, and yet cozy. Some of our favorite pieces to use when decorating a Christmas bathroom are:

  • Soft hand towels
  • Candles
  • Garland
  • Candlesticks and candelabras
Christmas decor for the bathroom. Green garland with christmas ornaments, a small christmas tree in a pottery container in a small bathroom.

Tips For Christmas Decor For The Bathroom

Wanting to create a beautiful country french Christmas powder room this year? Here are some tips to get you started.

  • Use colors on the neutral/warm side of the color wheel. Soft pinks, creamy yellows, baby blues, and cream even light grays would be beautiful.
  • Use pieces with simple graceful lines.
  • Include pieces of architectural salvage.
  • French country decor often includes lots of painted furniture.
  • Wrought iron and rusted metal make great accent pieces.
  • Country French Christmas on a budget? It’s absolutely doable! Use thrift store and yard sale finds to create a really beautiful look.
metal dress form for jewelry with christmas greenery and satin ribbon in the bathroom for Christmas. Christmas decor for the bathroom |

Decorating A Country French Powder Room

French country is a truly beautiful look to create in your home, that often goes arm in arm with the farmhouse look.  And so fun to makeover for Christmas. We love how it brings together antiques and made over pieces to create a cozy look.

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Use pieces like these:

Our Christmas Decor For The Bathroom

For our country french Christmas powder room, we framed the mirror with a thick piece of green Christmas garland, This really helps to give this wall a pop of color. Once that was secure we added beautiful mercury glass ornaments here and there. To one side of the sink, we added a small tabletop tree in an adorable french country vessel. To the other, we placed a silver cupcake display with little tea candles. We also used a ruffled white hand towel to finish the look.

Over the toilet, we added a bit of fresh greenery to the existing decor to draw the colors from around the mirror over. This is a simple way to restyle for a Christmas look.

On the wall beside the door, we added a hanging dress form that we added fresh greenery to and a ribbon to make a tree dress. The look and colors really compliment our country french powder room. We also added an antique prayer chair [read about its story], with a pair of adorable ice skates wall decor we picked up at Hobby Lobby for 50% off.

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Christmas Decor For The Bathroom, Photo of a metal shelf with a candelabra, candles on candlesticks and beautiful fresh Christmas greenery,

Christmas Decor For The Bathroom: Let’s Make It Cozy

Decorating a bathroom for Christmas is a great way to make your home cozy this Christmas, especially if you are having guests. With some cheerful decor, and a bit of time you can makeover your bathroom in a country french Christmas look you’ll love.

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