Summer Memories, Blackberry Picking

Blackberry picking is a summer tradition for our family. Every year for about 4 weekends we spend hunting berries and then hunting thorns out of our skin. For as long as I can remember this is how we spent Saturday mornings in July. Lucky for us they grow wild like crazy in our neighborhood.

Every clear Saturday morning loaded down with bug spray, sunscreen, buckets, and water bottles you can find at least two of us trudging around the neighborhood for 2 1/2 hours hunting for yummy berries. I’m pretty sure the neighbors think we are crazy, but hey blackberry crisp or neighbors thinking you are sane? Such a hard choice.


I have so many sweet memories of blackberry picking with dad as a little kid. He always goes for the ones that are harder to reach and I get the ones on the outside of the bush. And sometimes help him find his way in or back out of a big patch. Luckily I have never seen a snake while picking. We always joke that I would do more damage to myself if I saw one than it could. Did I mention I hate snakes?!?! Well if not, I do.

We’ve seen all kinds of animals while picking blackberries, from deer to turtles, to geese, to fox, to wild turkeys and ducks. It’s always so neat, when we stumble upon them on a cool morning the dew still clinging to the grass as the slip back into the woods as we pass by. It’s one of the best parts of living in the country.

Summer wouldn’t be complete without these trips. No matter how many thorns I have to pull out of my skin, how many crazy looks I get from my purple hands. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Besides, what’s summer without blackberry crisp, or blackberry pancakes, blackberry cupcakes, blackberry jam, blackberry syrup… Ok, I’m going to stop there because I am drooling!

What is your summer tradition?

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