Sweet Dreams


Sweet dreams…

For most people my age, when you have a dream people pat you and say, “Well that is a nice dream honey” but that is not what happened in my family. I had this amazing dream for my future, our future and they were excited about it. We prayed about it and the family embraced it and now we prayerfully seek and wait on the Lord to make this dream, His dream  come true.

We wait and search for Shiloh.  God put it in my heart to have a place where those hurting could find restoration and the love of God and his fellow man and that horses that have also been abused could come and find a new life, love and restoration.  He gave me the name Shiloh for this place of love and healing.  Shiloh means peace and also can mean abundance in the bible it is a word that is a picture of the coming Messiah and can mean he who is to be sent or the seed.

It is a place of rest.  How fitting is that?  Where this place is I am not sure, but I know that there is a place that God has prepared for his hurting ones and that one day he will lead us there.  Will you pray for us?  Pray that we will find this place and that we will be ready and that the people we need to help with this big job will be sent and that we will be able to do all that he has set out for us to do.

I know that the world seems so dark right now.  I know that at times it seems hopeless, but I believe in my heart that this is the time for Shiloh and the need for it is so great.  Not only is the need great, but the dream is great.  It is a huge dream a dream that is way bigger than little me, but I believe that if God wants this done, it will be done.  I have faith that He will bring this thing about.

“The seed” reminds me of the story in the bible of the mustard seed?  Do you remember that story?  Jesus is speaking and he talks of the people’s lack of faith.  Jesus told them. “I tell you the truth, if you had faith even as small as a mustard seed, you could say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it would move. Nothing would be impossible.”

We would love your prayers.  This is a big dream and we can’t do it without our prayer warriors praying with us.

We love you guys.

The Rosevine Cottage Girls

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