A grandma and two children on the porch of a house waving goodbye as family leaves. Talking about cherishing the sweet and tender moments before they are gone.

Sweetness In The Fleeting Moments

Young girl smiling on a country gravel road. She has long brown hair thrown over her shoulder and a green and white plaid top on. The article is about cherishing the sweet moments in life.


Fleeting Moments


The sweetness of fleeting moments passes us by so quickly that unless we are intentional and hold tight to them, those moments are lost to us forever.  The sweetness of a moment spent with God, when you feel so close you can almost hear his heartbeat.

Photo of a man sitting against a tree by a slow moving stream. He has his knees drawn up and is resting his chin on his hand and elbow on his knee. The article is cherishing the tender moments by rosevinecottagegirls.com


The tender moments with new life so soft and warm so beautiful.


Sweetness of the fleeting moments by RosevineCottageGirls.com Photo is of a close up of an infant. It is wearing a baby bonnet and is suckling a pacifier. Its hand is on its cheek as it slumbers.
The moments we spend with family, the laughter ringing in the halls and the sweet harmony that rests in the house.


Sweetness in the fleeting moments. The photo is of five children laying on the ground on a blanket looking up at the camera. They are each making silly faces at the camera except the youngest who is looking up at the others with a big smile.  by rosevinecottagegirls.com
Sweetness of the fleeting moments. A young girl runs at the edge of a lake with a white flowing dress and pink sweater. The sunlight has cast a beautiful golden hew as she runs amongst the large trees and shimmering water. by rosevinecottagegirls.com
Sweetness of the fleeting moments by RosevineCottageGirls.com  A mother and daughters smile for the camera.
Those times in the golden twilight when the rich shades of gold contrast with the ever-lengthening shadows.  Then fireflies fill the air and dance with their little lanterns.  The laughter of children and adult alike share in their magic.
Sweetness of the fleeting moments - A father and two daughters reclining on a blanket at a picnic.  They look at the camera and enjoy the music being played and a beautiful summer day.
Help us to hold onto these moments Lord, and cherish them for a lifetime. 
A grandmother and grand daughters wave goodbye. Cherish the fleeting moments by Rosevinecottagegirls.com


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